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Survey Results On Council Needs

Number of similar comments in parenthesis.

  1. Expansion of fundraising, anticipate major funding source changes to ensure long-term financial stability.(3)
  2. Restructure of Board and committees to avoid confusion.(2)
  3. Maintenance and update of outstanding camping facilities, master plan.(2)
  4. Recruitment of youth to reflect composition of community.(2)
  5. Innovative programs that attract today’s youth and parents, enhanced camping experiences. (2)
  6. Effective and respected Scout Executive with strong leadership.(2)
  7. Ongoing recruiting of volunteers.(2)
  8. Improvement of community awareness of Scouting’s achievements and role.(1)
  9. Address recruiting challenges with school access issues.(1)
  10. Better outreach to and including units and leadership in acquired Councils.(1)
  11. Improved communication beyond the St. Louis region. (1)
  12. Increase retention of youth in the program. (1)
  13. Improved staff compensation, recognition, and development programs. (1)
Professional and Support Staff

  1. Camp infrastructure improvements, camp upgrades in facilities, increased maintenance. (16)
  2. Additional staff to meet needs of the organization. (13)
  3. Increase of fund raising for outreach programs, besides Friends of Scouting, increased financial stability. (9)
  4. Council has stagnated over the past 15 years and needs innovative programs to grow Scouting.(7)
  5. More positive media and community image of Scouting. (7)
  6. A Scout Executive with vision, leadership, integrity, passion about Scouting, one who inspires people. (6)
  7. Better staff communication to avoid secrecy between professionals and support staff. (6)
  8. Tenured staff turnover to provide innovation and diversity. (6)
  9. Increased funding for technology:  up-to-date computers and servers, speed, innovation (6)
  10. More support staff to address workload. (5)
  11. Respect of support staff with training, workload decisions, improved goal setting, communication. (5)
  12. Stronger Board presence who are engaged in Committee leadership, increased involvement in Scouting.(5)
  13. Improved staff communication. (5)
  14. Capital funding for camp and other property upgrades. (5)
  15. Capital improvements at all properties. (4)
  16. Better understanding of today’s youth, outreach opportunities, and retention. (4)
  17. Competitive salaries for staff.(3)
  18. More influential and active Executive Board members. (3)
  19. Volunteers:  improve retention and those not trained. (3)
  20. Review of Service Centers purpose to provide interactive opportunities. (2)
  21. Improvement of West Pine facility. (2)
  22. Dynamic, effective executive leadership. (2)
  23. More events to include boys/girls throughout our Council area who are not already in Scouting. (2)
  24. Support of Learning For Life program like other programs. (2)
  25. Improvement of support staff leadership and supervision. (2)
  26. Board representation from Southern Illinois and eastern Missouri outside regional St. Louis area. (1)
  27. Board diversity that represents the communities of the Council. (1)
  28. Improvement of administrative processes:  on-line registration, credit card processing for registration. (1)
  29. Better summer camp programs. (1)
  30. Health and fitness programs for professional and support staff.(1)
  31. A new strategic plan for the Council. (1)
  32. Resource library for volunteers with on-line access to training. (1)


  1. Camp improvements, infrastructure, completed capital projects, upgrades. (51)
  2. More Capital funding, fund raising, corporate donations, Friends of Scouting, unit funding. (17)
  3. Better image of Scouting in the community, media coverage.(15)
  4. Improved communication throughout the Council, including Districts outside regional St. Louis area. (13)
  5. Strong focus on improved program delivery at unit level including rural and inner-city units.(12)
  6. Camp program improvements that are more attractive to youth. Consider camp specific programs.(10)
  7. More support for Districts, better understanding of Council strategy, redistricting, realistic goals.(10)
  8. District professional staff for smaller districts, focusing on programs not numbers, hiring the best.(9)
  9. Program improvements from climbing to unit compliance to participations across the Council.(9)
  10. Retain more Scouts, especially from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.(9)
  11. More innovative programs that are attractive to more youth.(8)
  12. An exceptional leader in the Scout Executive effective with all levels of Scouting and the Board.(8)
  13. Trained unit leaders.( 8)
  14. Improved staff development and retention of the best.(7)
  15. Increase membership in minority communities.(6)
  16. Advancement program:  more attractive merit badges, eliminate Eagle factories, high standards (6)
  17. More Council-wide activities, some held in outlying Districts, improved accounting methods for events.(6)
  18. Volunteer input to web site, summer camp staff, and other programs and computer systems.(5)
  19. A more engaged Board with active leadership of Council Committees.(5)
  20. On-line registration for events and programs.(4)
  21. Strengthen and expand Venturing program that taps the potential of Venturing.(4)
  22. Professional staff that is more visible at events and activities.(4)
  23. Recognize volunteers, welcome new volunteers.(4)
  24. Balance volunteer workload, involve more than the same people for everything.(4)
  25. A website that is easier to navigate, more user friendly for all Scouting divisions. (3)
  26. Larger Scout shops, Council office in St. Charles area.(3)
  27. Reduce costs of program for Scouts.(3)
  28. Stronger Webelos program.(3)
  29. Better use of information technology for efficiency and speed that simplifies work.(3)
  30. Continue to do our best, adhere to the principles of Scouting, show tolerance and diversity.(3)
  31. Visionary leadership responsive to diverse community. (3)
  32. Avoid focus on membership quantity vs. quality programs that attract Scouts.(3)
  33. Re-engage Chartered organizations.(2)
  34. Improved district leadership. (2)
  35. Provide more on-line training.(2)
  36. Improved training records, less bureaucracy.(2)
  37. More volunteers in rural Districts.(2)
  38. Improve religious services, consider elimination of inter-faith services.(2)
  39. Improved communications for Council-wide special events. (1)
  40. Improved communications from senior Council leadership to Districts. (1)
  41. Improved communications to unit level. (1)
  42. Build better relationships with other community service organizations. (1)
  43. Ensure membership numbers are reported accurately.(1)
  44. A strategic plan with stakeholder buy-in leading to working implementation plans.(1)
  45. Volunteer input into performance of District Executives.(1)
  1. Provide leadership to the youth. (1)
  2. Tolerance to all walks of life. (1)
  3. Providing needs to the special needs Scouts. (1)

  1. Conduct a capital campaign. (2)
  2. A Scout Executive who thinks like a business person, with high integrity and enthusiasm. (2)
  3. Eliminate all forms of sexual harassment in any part of the Scouting program. (2)
  4. Improve infrastructure at camps. (1)
  5. Find a way to replace the proposed loss of funding from United Way. (1)
  6. Improve the public relations image of Scouting. (1)
  7. Increased membership in emerging multicultural markets. (1)
  8. Work with National Council to remove restrictions who can be Scouts or leaders. (1)
  9. Strategic planning. (1)
  10. Some senior staff executives need career changes. (1)
  11. Need a culturally diverse professional staff that mirrors the community. (1)
  12. Focus on staff development. (1)