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Survey Results on Council Strengths

Number of similar comments in parenthesis.

  1. Excellent facilities:  camps, properties, offices. (5)
  2. Financially strong, large endowment, successful annual giving. (4)
  3. Dedicated volunteers who are committed to Scouting. (4)
  4. Board members willing to serve in Council leadership positions. (3)
  5. Strong United Way support. (3)
  6. Leaders (volunteer and professional) who are good leadership role models. (3)
  7. High quality programs for youth, including a great camping program. (3)
  8. Strong image in the community built upon tradition and history. (2)
  9. Youth membership built on strong units.  Excellent market share. (2)
  10. Board members who are well respected and influential in the community. (2)
  11. Excellent relationships with the corporate community. (2)
  12. Board members who represent diverse businesses. (1)
  13. Some Board members who are former Scouts in key business and civic positions. (1)
  14. Strong and relevant training for the adult leaders. (1)
Professional and Support Staff
  1. Dedicated volunteers who are passionate about Scouting and give generously of their time and money. (21)
  2. Dedicated staff, knowledgeable, talented, and capable, some with long tenure. (20)
  3. A recognized, respected youth-serving organization in our communities with a positive image. (17)
  4. Excellent camps, some of the best in the nation. (17)
  5. Quality programs ranging from camping, to advancement, to training. (14)
  6. Strong fund raising effort through Friends of Scouting, endowment, and corporations. (10)
  7. Financial stability and strength. (10)
  8. Strong community support from Board, United Way, corporations, and local communities. (9)
  9. A diverse membership serving urban, rural, suburban, and inner city communities. (6)
  10. Great youth leadership and adult leader training. (6)
  11. Board members with influence in the community, and represent top-quality Board-level volunteers. (5)
  12. Strong Executive Board. (4)
  13. Good customer service. (2)
  14. Office locations and Scout shops throughout the Council. (1)
  1. Volunteers who give generously of their time, talents, and energy to support any Scouting-related cause. (48)
  2. Outstanding facilities, including excellent camps and good service centers. (39)
  3. Quality programs at camp, in the units, and in varied Council activities. (29)
  4. Excellent training resources and programs for youth and adult leaders. (26)
  5. Effective professional and support staff. (24)
  6. Communities throughout the Council that support Scouting. (17)
  7. Financial stability, Friends of Scouting, endowment, and corporate support that give financial stability. (14)
  8. Excellent programs directed at the youth, youth led programs, concern for youth success. (10)
  9. Board members who are influential in the community and committed to Scouting. (9)
  10. Membership that creates a large Council. (9)
  11. Positive community image, well known brand, strong history of Scouting. (8)
  12. Strong Order of the Arrow program. (5)
  13. One of the strongest Venturing programs in the nation. (5)
  14. Strong youth leaders who are well trained and ready and able to lead. (5)
  15. Leadership by volunteer, professionals, and community leaders. (4)
  16. Innovative Scouting programs. (3)
  17. Active and enthusiastic youth membership. (3)
  18. Great camp staffs. (3)
  19. Good, well organized communication. (2)
  20. Membership diversity that embraces multi-cultural demographics of the Council. (2)
  21. Good District programs. (2)
  22. Good relationships between staff and volunteers. (1)
  1. Good community image, dependable, safe. (4)
  2. Proactive leadership role in the community . (1)
  3. Role models for youth. (1)
  1. Great camp facilities. (3)
  2. Strong image in the community, role model for other Councils, long history and tradition. (3)
  3. Dedicated Board members who have community influence. (2)
  4. Large traditional membership base. (1)
  5. Great summer camp program. (2)
  6. Well organized Council wide activities. (1)
  7. Good personal links with a diverse community. (1)
  8. District executives easily reached and open to discussion. (1)
  9. Dedicated staff. (1)
  10. Volunteers with a good “can-do” attitude, who give much of their time to the youth.