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Survey Results On Scout Executive Attributes

Number of similar comments in parenthesis.


  1. Great leadership skills, action oriented, inspirational, respected. (8)
  2. Builds great relationships with the Board, the community, the Scouting community.(7)
  3. Moral character reflective of Scout values, high integrity, lives by Scout Oath and Law.(5)
  4. Energetic, charismatic, enthusiastic.(4)
  5. Visionary and strategic.(4)
  6. Significant fundraising experience.(3)
  7. Has career potential in professional Scouting, promotable.(2)
  8. Strong leadership experience with substantial diversified Council.(2)
  9. Has good communications skills, good personal appearance in Scout uniform.(2)
  10. Eagle Scout.(1)
  11. Innovative, not bound by tradition.(1)
  12. Strong financial background with intimate understanding of BSA financial platform.(1)
  13. Gains respect of staff, volunteers, community, business and civic leaders.(1)
Professional and Support Staff

  1. High integrity, passionate about Scouting, works hard, lives by Scout Oath and Law.(22)
  2. Dynamic, inspirational, someone you want to follow, motivates others, fun to work with.(17)
  3. Has career potential in professional Scouting and will not retire from this job.(14)
  4. A team builder, caring of staff and volunteers, team member, bridge builder.(12)
  5. Strong communication skills, open to suggestions, great public speaker, listens, approachable.(12)
  6. Recruits, develops and engages the Board. (10)
  7. Great at raising money, increases Friends of Scouting sources.(9)
  8. Builds relationships with all stakeholders.(8)
  9. Strong leadership and supporter of quality programs.(7)
  10. Visionary leader, strategic.(7)
  11. Innovative, creative, supports new programs, thinks “outside the box”.(6)
  12. Decisive, gives clear direction and focus, makes timely decisions, will take a tough stand, seeks counsel.(6)
  13. Engaged with staff at all levels, promotes staff development. (6)
  14. Visible at Scouting events, Districts, in the community.(6)
  15. High work ethic, works hard, visible, connected to all staff.(5)
  16. Leads by example.(5)
  17. Has a strong business sense, financially responsible, understands rural and urban districts.(2)
  18. Consider candidates from Councils who may not have good statistics due to previous bad management.(1)
  19. Look outside for candidates, inbreeding is causing problems.(1)

  1. Builds strong relationships at all levels, personable, open, involved, trusting.(51)
  2. High integrity, lives by Scout Oath and Law, hard working, energetic.(41)
  3. Great communicator to everyone at all levels, effective at public relations, good public speaker.(27)
  4. A leader, not a boss, empowers, stands up for what is right.(22)
  5. Able to raise funds from the business community, attracts capital, increases Friends of Scouting.(16)
  6. Strong Scouting background, successful career, other Council experience, knows the Scouting program well.(17)
  7. Visionary leader.(14)
  8. Highly visible and accessible.(14)
  9. Innovative, open to new ideas, thinks “outside the box”, willing to adapt and change programs.(12)
    Leads effective planning, develops and implements strategic plan.(8)
  10. Understands the Midwest, its values, our Council.(8)
  11. A team builder, builds coalitions, involved at all levels.(7)
  12. Youth oriented with a passion for youth leadership and development.(7)
  13. Inspires, motivates all stakeholders.(6)
  14. Role model, physically fit, someone youth look up to, respected by all.(6)
  15. Strong in program management, promotes and supports quality programs.(6)
  16. Prefer an Eagle Scout who was active in the program as a Scout.(5)
  17. Builds a Council that is a role model for others, one of the best in the nation.(5)
  18. Promotes women and minorities in Scouting, promotes diversity.(5)
  19. Understands youth, and how Scouting can attract and retain more youth. (5)
  20. Promotes and is a strong supporter of training of Board, professionals, and volunteers.(4)
  21. Leads by example.(4)
  22. Engages the Board, fills Committee assignments, leads the Board, recruits progressive leaders.(4)
  23. Has the potential to be one of the top key leaders at the national level.(3)
  24. Decisive, delegates, builds consensus, problem solver.(3)
  25. Strong leader for the professional staff, retains high performers.(3)
  26. Proponent of technology that enhances communications, training, service delivery.(2)
  27. Specific understanding of diversity and how to make it work in the Council.(2)

  1. Visible in the community. (1)
  2. Very good communications skills.(1)
  3. Role model as a leader and for what Scouting stands for.(2)

  1. Works well with all segments of the community, respected, visible in the community.(5)
  2. Experienced Scouting leader, dedicated to ideals of Scouting, focused on youth.(4)
  3. Capital campaign experience.(1)
  4. Very good at public relations, speaking and writing.(1)
  5. Visionary leader, team builder, success at fundraising, develops staff, builds strong relationships.(1)