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Aquatics! Hiking! Canoeing! Shooting Sports! Fishing! Scoutcraft! Rappelling! Sailing! And the list goes on...

At Camp Lewallen and S bar F Scout Ranch, Boy Scouts will find many activities including the stand-up paddle boards that were so popular last summer. The floating iceberg returns to Nims Lake at The Ranch, giving Scouts a different meaning to the word "climbing."
Check out a virtual tour of the camps HERE. You will find information on pre-requisites for merit badges, campsites and much more.

This summer, Scouts have three camps to choose from: Camp Famous Eagle and Camp Gamble at S bar F Scout Ranch, and Camp Lewallen. Listed below are the 2014 summer camp weeks:

Camp Lewallen
June 8-14
June 15-21
June 22-28
June 29-July 5
July 6-12



Camp Famous Eagle,
S bar F Scout Ranch
June 8-14
June 15-21
June 22-28
June 29-July 5
July 6-12
July 13-19
July 20-26

Camp Gamble,
S bar F Scout Ranch
June 8-14
June 15-21
June 22-28
June 29-July 5
July 6-12
July 13-19


Sign Up For a Second Week of Camp and Receive $100 Off!

Sign up for two or more summer camps and save! Attend a week of Boy Scout Summer Camp or Venturing Camp and get a SECOND week at $160- a $100 savings- at one of the following camps: Fish Camp, STEM Camp, Eagle Trail Camp, and Catholic Adventure Camp.

... Or get $50 of these camps if you spend a week at another council's camp or a high-adventure base!


The summer camp lottery was developed so that unit leaders would not have to drive long distances, camp overnight in front of the council office or wait in lines. The lottery takes several weeks to work through -- but it is fair. All requests received by will be placed in a container and will be pulled on a random basis. Those pulled first are processed first. Then, at a later date, the troop receives the confirmation in the mail. Troops that miss the lottery can still send in registration forms, and we will continue to fill slots as the forms are received.

After the lottery is complete we will post the results by week/by camp on this website so that you have quicker access to your date/camp/campsite.
How can your troop participate?
Completely fill out the reservation form and return it with reservation fees to the MacArthur Service Center, 4568 West Pine, St. Louis, MO 63108, or any of the other Scout service centers.
Camp Capacity: To assure that the facility is not overcrowded, a week is closed to additional troops when capacity of the camp is met. Those troops not participating in the lottery will very severely limit their choices. Sign-up capacity at Camp Lewallen is 170 Scouts per week; at S bar F camps, 300 Scouts. You should project as closely as possible your actual attendance. Don't make reservations for 20 Scouts when you believe you'll have just 10 Scouts attending camp, and likewise don't make reservations for 25 Scouts when you believe you'll have 40 Scouts at camp.
Camp Lewallen: Troops of the Shawnee, Sioux and Cherokee Districts are given priority for a spot at Camp Lewallen, provided that the troops participate in this lottery. Once these troops participating in the lottery who desire Camp Lewallen are placed, the remaining spots will be available to other troops. The camp will then be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
Make reservations for the number of Scouts you anticipate attending at $10 per Scout. There is no minimum number of Scouts necessary to make a troop reservation.
Please make reservations for the number of Scouts you anticipate attending at $10.00 per Scout.  This $10.00 reservation fee is refundable if requested by March 1, 2014, in writing via email to Cindi Cunningham or mail to GSLAC, Attn: Camping, 4568 West Pine Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63108.  NO refunds of individual reservation fees are given after March 1, 2014. No individual refund requests are processed before Aug. 15, 2014. Refunds are made payable to the troop and mailed to the committee chair or Scoutmaster unless otherwise requested.There is no minimum number of Scouts necessary to make a troop reservation.

Change for 2014: Troops may cancel their reservation until January 1, 2014 without penalty.  After January 1 no refunds will be made for troops cancelling their troop reservations.
The fee for summer camp will be $250.00. We encourage every troop to use the camper savings plan, which allows the Scout to save $15 on the total fee if the full fee is paid by March 3, 2014.
On Oct. 15, the summer camp sign-up lottery will be held. The number of every troop that completed a reservation form and submitted a $10 per Scout reservation fee will be in the lottery.
When a troop's number is drawn, the reservation form is checked and the first available date on the form is assigned. If all choices on the troop's reservation are taken, we will contact whomever is listed on the application as the person who can make another choice. He or she will then select another date or camp, before we contact the next troop. If no one can be reached or a decision is not made, then we must continue with the lottery.
Help us help you.  We want to place you in your most desired spot possible. To do so, we have to know what you want.  We make the assumption that the most important variables in order are  No. 1 date, No. 2 camp, No. 3 site. If you have other priorities, please tell us. You may attach any additional information that will help us place your troop.
Important -- Please Read!
You must fill all spaces with alternate choices on the reservation form. If you do not, we will not call you for the additional information or for alternate choices on lottery day.
  1. Make reservations for the number of Scouts you anticipate. Remember, you can get any unused reservation fees returned if requested by March 1.  Camps become overcrowded when underestimating by troops occurs.
  2. Our most requested weeks have traditionally been the first two weeks and the week following the 4th of July, so adjust your choices accordingly. Everyone cannot attend during these three weeks, so give us alternative choices on the lottery request form. We intend to do everything we can to keep from overcrowding.

At your November Roundtable, a camp promoter will contact you with more information and your 2013 Camp Promotion packet.
Your campsite assignment is determined by your lottery draw but here is some additional information.
You may be entitled to an exclusive campsite for your troop if:
Your troop had 20 or more Scouts attend our camp the previous two summers.
Your troop had 25 or more Scouts attend our camp last summer
You expect 20 or more Scouts this summer and make reservations for them.
A few times, there are small troops that, because of the lottery, are pulled earlier and may be assigned to that site your troop desired. In that case, your larger troop will be assigned as the second troop on the site and -- should you prefer -- you will have the option to choose an alternate site after the lottery.
If your troop does not meet the above criteria, plan on sharing a site with another troop. Scout troops who would like to share a campsite with a particular troop are welcome to indicate the troop number on the reservation form.  That request will be honored, provided both troops have registered for the lottery and made identical choices for dates, camps and campsites. This system does two things for your troop:
You share with a troop that you know and will enjoy camping with and it gives you a slight edge in the lottery.  Should the troop you arrange to share with gets pulled No. 1, then that becomes your lottery number.
A letter and copy of the summer camp reservation form confirming your troops week of camp, campsite and date will be mailed to the individual listed on the Summer Camp Reservation Form by Nov. 16. Please do not telephone.

Any Scout in the Greater St. Louis Area Council who is unable to attend summer camp with his home troop due to schedule conflicts, school, illness, etc., or for those wishing to attend additional camps may sign up with a provisional troop for July 20-26. This temporary unit allows Scouts to attend a full week of camp at S bar F Scout Ranch.

To sign up, fill out the Provisional Camp form.