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About the Order of the Arrow

The Order of the Arrow at Camp Lewallen

What Is the O.A.?
The Order of the Arrow is Scouting's National Honor Society.  It was started way back in 1915 to recognize Scouts who best live the Scout Oath and Law and have good camping skills.

The Order of the Arrow is not a badge to wear on your uniform; it is an active organization which has its own meetings and officers.  All officers are Scouts like you, and they are elected by the other Scouts who are in the O.A.

Much of what the O.A. does involves service.  Its members have service projects for camp, and the community.  They promote summer camp to Boy Scouts, and put on the O.A. ceremonies that you will see at camp.  The O.A. can help you develop leadership skills.

How Can I Be Elected?
Each troop elects its own members.  All the Scouts in your troop are eligible to vote, not just the members of the O.A.  The adult leaders in your troop do not vote, just the Scouts.

Here are the requirements for you to be eligible:

  1. Be a registered member of your troop
  2. In the two years before the election, you must have at least 15 days and nights of Boy Scout camping.  Family camping or camping with your Webelos den does not count.  You can only count 6 days and 5 nights of one summer camp.  All the rest must be weekends or other short trips.
  3. You must have attended summer camp in the last two years.  The summer that you are elected must be at least your second summer camp.
  4. You must be in summer camp for the entire session the summer you are elected.  NYLT, jamborees or high-adventure trips count the same as summer camp for this requirement and number 3 above.
  5. When the election takes place, you must be at least a First Class Scout.
  6. Your Scoutmaster must approve your Scout spirit and participation.

How Does the Election Work?
Your troop counselor (a member of the camp staff, and the O.A.) will come to your campsite on Wednesday morning.  He will hold your troop election, with the help of your Scoutmaster and your SPL.  Only those Scouts in your troop who are at summer camp with you may vote.  Every Scout who is eligible stands on his own.  Your troop may elect all its candidates, none of them or just a few. Most Scouts are not elected the first time that they are eligible.

Scouts vote by secret ballot.  Talking about how any Scout votes -- before or after the election -- is not allowed.  A Scout is Trustworthy.

If you are eligible, Good Luck!

What If I'm Elected?
If you are elected, you will be called-out at the camp call-out ceremony on visitor night.  You will leave the ceremony.   You will be instructed to report with the Scouts from other troops who were called out to a quiet location in camp.  There you will be given instructions.

Hazing is not allowed in the Scouts, or in the Order of the Arrow.

Special for O.A. Brothers
A special bar-be-que will be held for Order of the Arrow members on Monday at 6 p.m.  Your Scoutmaster will need to notify the camp business manager on Sunday at check-in, so if you are interested, please let him know.

If you are a member of the Order of the Arrow, check out these websites:

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