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Your Campsite at The Ranch

At each of the Scout camps at the S bar F Scout Ranch we have thirteen different campsites.  Your troop has signed up for your campsite already.  On your campsite will be a latrine, a washstand, a flagpole, water spigots, shower, and a sump for dishwater.

 At the Ranch, your patrol camps and prepares your meals separately.  Your patrol will have its own dining fly, picnic table, charcoal stove, and patrol box with cooking gear. Each Scout will be issued a wall tent to share with a buddy, a cot, and a wooden floorboard.  This will be your home for a week.  Click on S bar F Equipment List for a suggested list of equipment that you will need to bring.

Please do not bring bug spray (lotion is fine) as it removes the waterproofing from your tent.  Also remember that no flames are allowed anywhere near a tent or fly.  We recommend that you do not bring a lot of candy or snacks with you as they attract animals and bugs.  The Trading Post has candy, soda and ice cream for you to purchase and eat without storing.

Cooking and preparing your own meals can be a lot of fun.  You will learn to cook French toast and grill on a charcoal fire.  Your patrol will learn to work as a team, and the best thing is that you do not have to hike to a hot dining hall and wait for food.