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The care and feeding of Scouts at summer camp is very important to us.  We use the patrol method at S-F.  This means that individual Scout patrols pick up their food at a camp commissary and prepare their own meals under the direction of their patrol leader.  There is no dining hall at our S-F Scout camps.

Scouts learn essential life skills when using the patrol method.  They have to cooperate, be responsible for assigned tasks, learn how to build fires, cook meals, and clean up in a healthy manner.  The patrol leader learns and uses leadership skills to guide his patrol to success.

It's hard work, and it has been working at the S-F Ranch since it opened in 1966.

Download the weekly menu: S bar F Scout Ranch Menu

The camp menu is published to help leaders plan for individuals with special dietary needs, such as religious, personal, or health reasons.  It is the responsibility of the troop and individual to bring any supplements to this menu.