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If you are 14 or this is your fourth year attending summer camp, you can attend the special programs we have.

Going to be in camp with your Scout troop? We also offer special programs for you.  You might want to do both -- attend a specialty camp and then come to summer camp with your troop to provide leadership and have some high-adventure fun. 

Here is a sample of what programs we will offer in Scout Camp:

Morning: Mountain Bikes
Afternoon: Shotgun shooting, Water Skiing
Evening: Ultimate Frisbee

Morning: Huck's Cove
Afternoon: Mountain biking, and Water Skiing
Evening: Cookout for 15-year-olds

Morning: Climbing Merit Badge, Part 1 and Shotgun Shooting
Afternoon: Kayak Polo and Water Skiing
Evening: Water Carnival

Morning: Climbing Merit Badge at the cliffs, Part 2, Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge, Horsemanship Merit Badge
Afternoon: Climbing Merit Badge at the cliffs - Part 2 continued, Water Skiing
Evening: Order of the Arrow Ceremony

Morning: Stand Up Paddleboard Lake Tour
Afternoon: Water Skiing
Evening: Closing Campfire

Registration for these activities is on a first-come, first-served basis.  See your Scoutmaster for the sign-up sheet in his Camp Leader's Guide or download it from the Resources page and give it to your Scoutmaster.  Complete the form and mail it to S bar F Ranch by June 1.  There is an extra $5 fee (payable at camp) for water tubing and shotgun shooting.

Older Scout Merit Badges
Climbing and Horsemanship merit badge sessions at camp are reserved for older Scouts. Aquatic Supervision also is available exclusively to older Scouts.  So how can you earn a merit badge or two and still participate in the Older Scout Program?  First, start planning. You probably won't be able to participate in all sessions of the Older Scout Program, so pick the ones you'd really like to do.  Next, do as much of the merit badge work as possible prior to camp.  Would you rather be writing a report at camp or riding a mountain bike?