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S bar F Ranch Song

S bar F: Where I Learned to Be a Friend

          Words and music by Bernie McDonald

          Commissioned 2002



This is the best time of my life

Sometimes I hope it never ends

These nights and days at S bar F

Where I learned to be a friend


This the summer of my life

And I hope it never ends

Amid these trees, beneath these stars

Its here I learned to be a friend


This is the light within my eyes

And in my memory never fades

The moon above the lake at night

The sun's light on a lovely glade


This is the water of my well

May it quench me all my days

Through lifes storms and gentle runs

Whatever comes, I know my way


This is the soil around my roots

May it nourish me through time

These hills and hollers filled with life

Will live within this life of mine