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Summer Camp Emblem

The summer camp emblem is designed to show the number of summers and the different camps you have attended.  Take a look at the patch at right.  For your first summer in camp you will earn the green centerpiece and a segment for the camp that you attend.

After your second summer, you will earn the first of three feathers.  The feather segments are added to the patch as shown, indicating second, third and fourth years. 

Each time that you attend a different camp you will earn that camp's segment.  There is room for five different camps.  You should not use two of the same camps segments.

There are camp segments for:

  • Camp Famous Eagle
  • Camp Theodore Gamble
  • Camp Lewallen
  • Camp Sakima
  • National Youth Leadership Training (formerly Junior Leader Training Camp)
  • Swift Base
  • The Ranger Program

After you attend your fifth summer of camp, you will earn the Veteran Camper strip.

Those who are lucky enough to be chosen to work on the camp staff will receive the special Camp Staff strip.