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The Swim Test

Every Scout and leader that comes to camp will want to swim, and there will be at least two times a day that you will be able to swim. The first is at your instructional swim time. We offer learn-to-swim for beginners and learners, and Swimming and Lifesaving merit badges for those Scouts that complete The Swimmers Test.


Each afternoon, your Troop will have a free swim time. This is an open swim where you come down with your buddies and swim and play games in the water.


Here's what you will swim to qualify for each level.  You will do this on Sunday afternoon after you've checked into camp (that's why we have you pack your medical form and swimsuit on top of your duffel). If you don't qualify on Sunday afternoon we'll have plenty of opportunities for you to pass the test each day.


Learner - Just get into the shallow water and get wet.


Beginner - Jump feet first into the water over your head.  Level off, swim 25 feet, turn around and swim back.


Swimmer - Jump feet first into the water and swim 75 yards in a strong stroke on your stomach or side (breaststroke, sidestroke, crawl, trudgen or any combination).  Then swim the last 25 yards on your back, keeping your hands in the water (elementary back stroke).  After swimming these 100 yards, float and rest on your back.


The Swim Test is fun and not nearly as tough as it sounds.