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Voyageur Program at S-F

The Voyageur Program is designed for Scouts who have just joined a troop or have just
graduated from Webelos. This is a transitional program to help the Scouts understand the patrol
method, learn basic Scouting skills, and experience some of the many programs available at
summer camp. The program is not intended to have Scouts advance to First Class rank during
one week at camp. It is intended to supplement a troop’s advancement program.

The Voyageur Program is optional for use by troops. Some units prefer to have their own
leadership and older Scouts help with the skill development of new Scouts within their own

The goals of the Voyageur Program are
· To provide an organized program based upon the patrol method
· To teach the basic skills necessary to succeed in Scouting and the outdoor program
· To instill in the Scouts a respect for the Scouting methods and principles found in the Scout Law and Oath as well as the Outdoor Code
· To provide a great experience at summer camp

General Information

Scouts participating in the Voyageur Program should have earned the Scout rank prior to camp
and learned how to use the Scout handbook.

The Voyageur Program will run about 4 hours a day. It will be conducted between 9:15 and
12:00 noon Monday through Friday and 2:00 p.m. -2:45 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The
afternoon session is when Scouts will work on Wood Carving Merit Badge. The Scouts will be
divided into patrols on Monday morning and meet their staff member who will work with them
throughout the entire week. We will attempt to place troop members in the same patrol.

Important: Troops that will have five or more Scouts participate in the Voyageur Program
will need to provide an adult leader to assist with the program.

General registration for the Voyageur Program will be held prior to camp by completing the
information on Boy Scout Program Sheet found in the Forms section of the manual. The
program participation will be limited to 100 Scouts.

Detailed sign-up for the program will occur on Sunday during the office check- in process. Unit
leaders will need to complete the Voyageur Program Registration Sheet and submit the form and
fees during the check- in at camp. The cost of the Voyageur Program is $10.00 per Scout. The
fees cover the cost of program materials such as wood carving neckerchief, beads, rope, patrol
flag, progress cards, leather lace, and totem.

The program will consist of Scout skills instruction as well as Wood Carving and Swimming
Merit Badge or swimming skills. In addition to skill instruction the staff member might include
other activities that include taking a hike, visiting the field sports area, or conducting inter-patrol

The Voyageur Area is located on Smith Campsite at Camp Famous Eagle and on Moreno
Campsite at Camp Gamble.

Scouts will need to bring to camp:

· Scout handbook
· Water bottle
· Pocket knife
· Compass
· Book bag or small backpack
· Clothes for clothes inflation in Swimming Merit Badge
· Swimsuit
· Towel
· Hiking shoes

The backpack or book bag will be used to carry their program materials and swimwear around

Eighteen lessons have been developed for the Voyageur Program and more will be written prior
to camp. Download the PDF: Voyageur Program Lessons

In order for your Scouts to get the most out of the Voyageur Program, there must be a leader
committed to working with the Scouts throughout the week. Each day leaders should ask the
Scout what skills he learned during the Voyageur period so he can be reviewed on those items.
If the unit leadership is satisfied with the Scout’s knowledge, then sign him off on the
requirement in his handbook. Please note: The Voyageur Staff instructs, they do not sign off on
rank advancement. The unit leadership is responsible for reviewing and certifying rank
advancement for their Scouts.

As we continue to improve the Voyageur Program we ask that you assist the staff in offering
your suggestions and comments in a positive way. Just like you, we want to offer a great
experience to the Scouts attending camp.