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Swift Rules Not to Break

We try not to have a lot of rules.  But there are always the folks that need them written down.


Rule number 1 is:  Use your common sense

            If someone is going to get hurt or it is against the law - Don't do it!


Rule number 2 is: Respect others in camp

            This includes your fellow campers, your leaders and the staff - Duh!


By the numbers:

            No hazing

            No visitors or pets

            No personal firearms, ammunition, or bows

            Report all accidents to the office

            Don't leave camp without permission

            Cars stay parked

            Curfew is midnight, be on your campsite and quiet

            Fishermen ages 16-65 need a Missouri State License

            No Smoking under 18

            Smokers 18 or older smoke only in designated areas and never in tents

            Stay out of program areas when staff is not present


And the Biggies

            No fireworks

            No alcohol

            No drugs

            No sex