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Swift Base FAQ

Where am I going to sleep?

Each crew will camp on a campsite.  Your crew may be the only crew on the site, but unless your crew is very large you will be there with other crews.  Each of our five campsites has a number of tents set-up on wooden frames.  If your site needs more tentage, we'll provide you wall tents to erect.


Most wooden frame tents hold three campers, but some hold two.  We provide you a cot.  You bring the rest.


How will I shower?

With soap and water.  Sorry!


In the central area of camp we have a camper shower building.  One side for guys, the other for girls. The shower building is lit til 11 each night.


Adult leaders shower in the Swift Lodge.


What should I bring?

We have a Swift Equipment List prepared for you on this website.  Print it out and there you go.  We recommend that you don't bring anything of real value, or a lot of extra stuff as you have to carry your gear to your campsite.


Do I have to do everything?

No way.  Most of the activities are on a sign-up basis.  When your Crew does an activity together, we encourage you to at least go along for moral support, but other than that, it's your vacation.

But if you are just hanging around the Lodge we might just run you out.


Who are the Staff and how are they chosen?

The Staff is made up of Venturers and Explorers who are hired to work the entire summer.  They apply to work the same as any job.  Most have been Swift campers who fell in love with the place and want to make sure that you have as much fun as they did.

Most of the Swift Staff are college students with special outdoor skills and certification. We have trained and certified Aquatics director, rock climbing and rappelling counselors, ropes course counselors, horse wrangler, ski  and sailing instructors and shooting sports director.


The Camp Director is a BSA professional who has attended the National Camping School.


Any extra costs?

Pretty much everything is included with the exception of what you might spend in the Trading Post on T-shirts and eats.


What are the rules?

We try not to have a long list of rules.  Common sense and the Venturing Code cover most of them.  But you should check out our rules section for more details.


What if I'm a vegetarian?

You'll survive, but we do not have the ability to provide special menus on an individual basis.  Our menu contains lots of fruits and vegetables and we always have fruit and cereals out and available any time you'd like.   If we can help you, we will.