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Camp May Mailing Address and Emergency Phone Number

The Camp May business office number is 636-587-8719.

This number is for emergencies or for leaving messages.  We are not able to contact a Webelos or a leader while you wait.  Our office manager will ask you questions to assess the level of the emergency and determine the method of delivering the message.  Normally, this is done at the next meal time.

A pay phone is available outside the dining hall for use by leaders.  Scouts may only use the phone with the permission of their leader.  Sometimes Scouts are homesick and do not tell their leaders. If given unfettered access to the phone, a homesick Scout will tell his parents anything to get them to come out and pick him up.  So if you get phone calls about the alligators eating your son's tentmate....

How to send your son mail:
Scouts like to receive mail from home.  Please make sure that you mail it prior to their coming to camp to insure they receive it.  Many parents will prepare mail and give it to their son's leader upon departure with a delivery date on it.

The mailing address:
Scout's name_______________
Pack No. ______, Campsite____________
Camp May
Beaumont Scout Reservation
6480 Beaumont Reservation Drive
High Ridge, MO 63049