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Health Care and Insurance Coverage

The health and safety of your child while in camp is very important to us.  We have a first-aider on our staff who is available to assist your son's leader in administrating simple first aid.  We have daily sick call following meals for any minor complaint.

Your sons leader should be given any medication and any directions.  If the medication needs refrigeration, our Medical Director will make that happen.

Please note all medications on your sons medical form.  Camp is not the time to change or eliminate your sons dosage, especially for ADD/HD Scouts.

We have an agreement with both St. Joseph and St. Anthonys Hospitals to handle emergencies.

We ask that anytime a Scout or leader needs hospital care that our Camp Office and Medical Director be notified.  We have your sons medical form on file and would send it along with your son, as well as a map to the hospitals.  We also will call ahead to notify the emergency room.


Each person's (Scout or leader) medical insurance is the prime coverage for all medical emergencies.  Your insurance provider should be noted on the medical form.  If there are any special requirements by your carrier or HMO please note them on the medical form.

Our Council does carry accident insurance on our members and leaders at no cost to you.  But this insurance is secondary only.  Additional information regarding this policy can be secured by calling our MacArthur Service Center at (314) 361-0600 or 1 (800) 392-0895 and asking for Denise Fisher who coordinates this information.