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One Pitch Softball

Do you ever get bored with slow-moving ball games?

Do you get tired of those ball games where you spend half the time arguing strikes and balls, out or not?


Well, Webelos Camp One-Pitch Softball is for you!


Here's a quick rundown of the rules:

Each side gets six outs per inning--yes, six.

Each batter only gets one pitch--yes, one.

  • Your own leader is your pitcher
  • No matter where the pitch is, ball or strike, you've got to swing
  • Missed strike--you're out
  • Foul ball--you're out
  • Caught in the field, ground out--you're out

As soon as your team gets six outs on the other team, you run in and can start batting (in order of course), whether the other team is ready or not.


You can bring your own ball glove, but make sure that your name and phone number are on it.  We have some gloves, so bringing it is optional.