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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I send extra food and candy with my son?

A:  We don't recommend it, because we do have skunks, raccoons and other animals that are attracted to the smells of food.  If your son's leader has provisions to store food, a limited amount is OK.  Our Trading Post has candy, ice cream and soda, and this helps the leader control the Scouts' intake.


Q: What should we do about ticks and mosquitoes?

A:  We are in the woods and sometimes we believe that someone is cultivating these varmints.  If you send insect repellent, make sure that it is lotion and not spray.  Spray takes out the waterproofing in tents, and is flammable.  Leaders may bring citronella candles for the campsite, but open flames are not allowed anywhere near tents, which by their nature are very flammable.


Q:  When can we arrive?

A:  Please arrive between 1:30 and 2:30 p.m.on Sunday.  When you arrive, proceed directly to your son's campsite.  Please do not arrive before 1:30 p.m. as we are busy preparing for you and the gates are locked.


Q:  How much money should I send with my son?

A:  This is up to you, but we do not recommend that you send a lot.  All camp costs are included in the fee.  Send enough for a camp T-shirt, some souvenirs and some eats.  You may ask your leader to hold your son's cash if you would like. 


Q:  What if I we have a school medical, can we use that?

A:  As long as it is dated and signed by a medical practitioner, you can attach it to our Health History form.  See more detail elsewhere on this web site.


Q:  When do we pick up our son?

A.  On Friday night at 5 p.m. we will have our Closing Campfire.  You are welcome to attend.  Siblings and grandparents are also more than welcome.  Immediately following the campfire, you are free to go.


Q:  What should we expect from our son when he comes home?

A:  He will be dirty, happy and tired.  Also get ready to hear some really wild songs.