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​Outdoor Programs

Safe Swim Defense
For many users, the MyScouting Safe Swim Defense training is continuously showing as "In Progress" once they have finished the course, when it should say "Completed". When this happens, please have the volunteer take a screen print of the completion page at the end of the course and share that with the local council. Councils may update this training, or any training, with a copy of the completion page.
The outdoor program is a vital part of the Scouting program.  There are a number of good reasons -- and here are five that are especially good. . .
  1. The outdoors is the best place for learning outdoor skills.
  2. The outdoors is also a great place for learning about living with others.
  3. On the trail or in camp, Boy Scout leaders are challenged by the real thing -- getting their patrols fed and sheltered, keeping them warm and safe, solving problems and knowing how to get help for those they can't.
  4. Scouts encounter rugged, dramatic and adventuresome skills and sports -- waterskiing, rappelling, whitewater canoeing, lifesaving, snow camping or backpacking.
  5. The outdoors is also the place where a Scout can come close to the natural world around him.  He can gain a better understanding of the environment through outdoor activities.
The Greater St. Louis Area Council has a variety of program committees that are part of the Council Camping Committee.  These committees provide direct program to Scouts or provide the training to the unit leadership who in turn provide the program to their Scouts.
For more information about the various programs, click on the appropriate tab on the upper right.
Where to Go Camping is a booklet created by the Greater St. Louis Area Council that provides invaluable for learning about camping opportunities in this council as well as those in the region.
An action-packed and varied program will keep your Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers and Explorers coming back for more.  Remember, "Scouting is outing," and Where to Go Camping is your complete guide to all the outdoor adventures that awaits you in the Greater St. Louis Area Council region.
The booklet offers many suggestions on camping attractions in the region.  Loaded with information, it is only a starting point and offers some options for how to research more about a specific location.
Two additional websites not listed elsewhere in the book that have been useful for finding camping areas are and
If you want to participate in the fun and adventure that await you, click below to download your copy of the Where to Go Camping booklet:


Word File (2.2MB)​

Pages 1-6 (1.3MB)
Pages 7-36 (2.1MB)
Pages 37-67 (1.2MB​