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Beaumont Scout Reservation

The 2,400 acre Beaumont Scout Reservation is our multi-use facility close to the St. Louis metropolitan area. To find the camp simply take exit #269 from Interstate 44, just eight miles west of Interstate 270.  Follow the signs after you exit, and you will find the entrance within sight of the highway.

Camp May

Camp May is the summer camp portion of Beaumont. It includes the Emerson Center, the swimming pool, and program areas. Camp May first opened in 1954 for summer camp.

Webelos Camp and Webelos Mini-camp

During the summer, Camp May is dedicated to long-term Webelos Camp and Webelos Mini-Camp. a number of weekends also have Lad & Dad or Mom & Me programs.  You will find detailed information on all these programs elsewhere on this website.

Camp Grizzly Cub World

Camp Grizzly Cub World is our camping and activity area designed specifically for Cub Scouts and their families. The area is open for family camping April 15-October 15. Program areas include the Miner's Area, The Pirate Ship, Castle Blackhawk, Fort Hussmann, and Akela's Council Ring. The Cub World Activity Building and pavilion are available for units to rent.  Our family camping area is very popular and also has a shower building with laundry.  You'll find photos and more details elsewhere on this website.

Nagel Explorer Base

The Nagel Explorer Base is the home of our horse program.  It is here that your pack can have a picnic and horse-drawn hayrides.  Your troop, crew or post can schedule a horse trail ride. 

We have 13 adirondacks shelters for rent to troops, crews and posts.  Adirondacks are three-sided structures that each have four bunks.  A fireplace is at the entrance to each to provide reflective warmth.

The Nagel Rec Hall is available for rent to all units.  You can use it for a pack meeting, or rent it out for the weekend.  There are 12 bunks, a refrigerator, cookstove, fireplace, and dry sink.  Water and latrine are outdoors.  You will need to provide your own cook gear and firewood. ​ ​

Mud Cave

Your unit can make a reservation to tour Mud Cave. We do keep it locked when not reserved. The cave has been a highlight for Scouts for generations, and is self-guided.

Pioneering Kit

The pioneering kit is available to troops, crews, and posts with a trained leader.  All the components are there on a trailer for your unit to build towers, bridges, and whatever your imagination can dream up.  Why buy ropes and cut spars for one-time projects?  We've got it all available for you.  Training is held multiple times during the year for leaders.

Map and Compass Course

Developed by our Map and Compass Committee, we have a permanent orienteering course and a syllabus for training your Scouts in land navigation skills.  Training is held multiple times during the year for your leaders.  An annual Orienteering Festival is held in the spring hosted by the St. Louis Orienteering Club.

Climbing Tower

The Climbing Tower at the entrance to camp is available for reservation by troops, crews, and posts with trained leadership.  What a great meeting focal point!  Make your reservation to use the Climbing Tower on your unit meeting night, or on a weekend day.  The Climbing Tower is lit for night climbing.  Training is held multiple times during the year for your leadership.
BR Climbing Tower sml.jpg


Beaumont has eight cabins for unit use. From November through March we restrict their use to troops, crews, and posts. From April through October, Webelos dens may reserve them.

Cabin A and B: These log structures near the Camp May Parade Field are our newest additions. They each house 20 in bunks and are joined by a breezeway.  Each have a wood-burning fireplace, stove, refrigerator, and sink. A and B have indoor plumbing and showers.  You provide your own firewood and cooking gear.

Cabins McBride, Jordan, Lantz, Mallinckrodt, and Third Baptist: These five cabins all hold twenty in bunks.  Each have a fireplace, woodstove, refrigerator, cookstove and dry sink.  Water and latrines are outdoors.  McBride and Jordan cabins are side-by-side should your unit need room for more than twenty.

McBride and Jordan Cabins
McBride and Jordan sml.jpg
McBride Interior sml.jpg

Third Baptist
McBride Interior 2 sml.jpg
3rd Baptist sml.jpg

Beckett Cabin:  This cabin is right behind the Emerson Center and houses 14 in bunks. This smallest of our cabins is the only one heated by a furnace.  It has indoor plumbing, refrigerator, cookstove and sink.  It does not have a fireplace or woodstove.
Beckett Cabin sml.jpg

Beckett Interior sml.jpg


Reservations are only made through our Council Scout Service Centers.  Rangers cannot make reservations.
Beaumont Scout Reservation
6480 Beaumont Scout Reservation Drive
High Ridge, MO  63049
Ranger phone: (636) 938-5444
Camp Grizzly phone: (weekends only when in use) (636) 587-2690
Camp May Office phone:(summer camp only) (636) 587-8719
Camp Rangers: Bruce Whiting (Lead Ranger), Kurt Jaeger, and Brad Quentin