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Camping Areas

Weekend camping is available for Scout troops and Webelos dens in the camporee Area. Year-round water and outdoor latrines are provided.
Outpost Camping: Scout troops, Venture crews and Explorer posts may hike and camp along the 3-Notch Trail and along the Little St. Francis River.
Note: Camp Gamble, Camp Famous Eagle and Camp Sakima are not available for camping outside of the summer camp season. Entry into the camps is not allowed outside of the summer camp season.

Swift Base: Available for weekend camping by Explorer posts and Venture crews.

Swift Lodge: Available to posts and crews from Sept. 15 to May 31. This heated lodge, with indoor facilities and kitchen, houses 40.  Scout troops may reserve it within three months if still available.

Scout and Wenzel Lodges: A great place for a weekend with your troop! The lodge accommodates 34 people.  Stove, refrigerator and woodstove heat are available. Water, latrine and large grill are outside.  Available through the July Cabin Lottery.

Tree Houses: The best view of Nims Lake is from the five tree houses at the Overlook! Thirty-eight beds, latrine and grill are available.
Available through the July Cabin Lottery.

Tipi Program:
Five tipis are available for your troop to erect and spend the weekend at S bar F Ranch. A trained leader from your unit is required. Tipi training classes take place in the spring and fall

Rock Climbing and Rappelling: Overcoming fear, instilling confidence, peering over the edge or staring up the cliffs of Freedom, Ranger Falls, Collarbone or Baby Snake is a highlight for many troops, crews and posts. Camping sites are available on top of the cliffs or along the Little St. Francis River. Climbing equipment is available for units with qualified leadership.

Challenge Course: This outdoor adventure physically and mentally challenges your troop, crew or post. The ropes course has 12 events that are fun, but they require cooperation, trust and some courage to complete. There are five camping sites at the course. Qualified leadership is required. Training is held twice a year for both rock climbing and the ropes course.

Nim's Overlook Picnic Area: Great for a Cub pack or troop fishing derby or family picnic.

Huck's Cove: For summer camp use only. Please keep out during the rest of the year.

Canoeing: Available to troops, crews, and posts April 1 through Oct. 31.