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Greater St. Louis Area Council: Boy Scouts of America

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Pinewood Derby Rules and Registration ​​​

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​2014 Rules & Registration
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Race registration deadline has been reached.  Please contact Mike Bisaga before registering after this date.


District Registration for the Pack


Once again, we are offering online pack registration for the Pinewood Derby. The online system will collect all the information needed to register your pack, and allow you to make a payment for your racers by check or credit card. Registering online insures that your registration gets to us in a timely manner so that you can secure the best possible race time. It also helps cut down on paper, postage and logistics for our volunteers(which we greatly appreciate). As a general guideline, packs can register up to 1 racer per 8 Scouts registered in the pack. (For example, a Pack of 80 scouts can register 10 racers.)  If your Pack would like to register more or less, that is up to the Pack.  Packs of fewer than 40 Scouts may register up to 5 racers.  If you have any questions on how many to register, please contact us. 

registered Packs

Please review this list before proceeding to the registration links below.




District Patch Design Contest - CLOSED

We will be holding our District Patch Design contest again this year.  All Cub Scouts in the district are eligible to enter.

  •  2014 Patch design rules and ent​ry form  



Design Competition for individual Scouts


In an effort to streamline the design registration process at the race, we are asking Scouts to self-register online prior to the race this year. Scouts who want to enter the design competition should click the link below. Information will also be available at the race allowing you to self-register on your smart phone. Scouts will also be able to do walk-up registration, however, we ask that you use the self-registration process if you can.



Race Format


Qualification Race:
  • There will be 2 qualification tracks being raced at one time. When a racer checks in, he will be assigned to one of the 2 qualification tracks.
  • Each racer will race 4 runs. One on each lane.
  • The racer will run all 4 qualification runs on the same track.
  • Qualification race results are based on cumulative race times for all 4 runs.
  • Results will be tracked for each qualification track individually and the top 50 racers on each track will place and receive trophies.
  • The top 25 racers on each track will advance to the Grand Finals.
Grand Finals Race:
  • The Grand Finals Race will be run on a single track with top 25 racers from each track participating.
  • Each racer will race 4 runs. One on each lane of the track.
  • Race results are based on cumulative race times for all 4 runs
  • Grand Final results will place the Top 50 District racers
Other things to remember:
  • Cut off times for each track will be posted once 25 racers have completed their runs.
  • As long as your Scouts time is under the posted cut-off time for his qualification track, he is still in the running for a top 100 placement. Cars under the posted cutoff time, should not be removed from the impound area.
  • Once your racers time exceeds the posted cut-off time for his qualification track, he is free to pick up his car from the impound area and leave.
  • Once a car has been removed from the impound area, it cannot be raced again. So please double check the cut-off times carefully before removing a car.
  • In the event that a top 25 racer is not available to run in the Grand Finals, the next fastest car on the qualification track of that racers will be selected as an alternate. Therefore, if your racers time is really close to the cut-off (within .05 seconds or so), you may want to stay around and see if he may be pulled as an alternate. There are usually 1-2 alternates needed each year.