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Whom Do I Contact?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Hundreds of volunteers oversee district programs and unit service.  Here you will find contact information for the committees responsible for most areas.
Contact District Director Mark Hays (pictured above) or District Executive McFarlane Duncan if further assistance is needed.
DISTRICT COMMITTEE -- The district committee consists of chartered organization representatives and district volunteers selected by a nominating committee.  The committee is responsible for carrying out the council program within North Star district.  Each voting member serves a maximum of three one-year terms.  For 2014, they are:
  • District Chairman:  Mark Behlmann, Mark J. Behlmann Consulting
  • District Commissioner:  Paul Kessler, CADMIN Services Inc.
  • District Vice Chairman:  Richard​ Dorsey, Ahlheim & Dorsey, LLC
  • Activities & Civic Service Chairman:  Laurie Wild-Schulze
  • ​​Advancement & Recognition Chairman:  John Kavanaugh
  • Camp Promotion and Outdoor Chairman:  Mike Yarbrough, Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis
    • Spring Camporee Advisors:  Kelly Henley (Boy Scout Advisor) and Steve Garrett (Webelos Scout Advisor)
    • Fall Camporee Advisors: Steve Gantner (Boy Scout Advisor) and Tony Matteoni​ (Webelos Scout Advisor) 
    • Order of the Arrow Chapter Adviser:  Mark Wilbur
      • Chapter Chief:  JT S.
      • First Vice Chief:  Rick T.
      • Second Vice Chief:  Brandon S.
      • Secretary:  Luke H.
  • Communications Chairman:  Kimberly McKenzie, Hazelwood School District
  • Development ChairmanKirk Richter, Sigma-Aldrich (Retired)
    • Friends of Scouting Chairman:  Rick Hoyt, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
    • 2014 Family Friends of Scouting Chairman:  Dan Robinson, Boeing
    • Popcorn Sale Chairman:  Candy Wingo
  • Membership/Relationships Chairman:  Audrey Wittenauer​, Hazelwood School District
    • Webelos-to-Scout Transition Chairman:  Ray Thillet
    • Venturing Officers Association Advisor:  Steven Francis
      • President:  Elizabeth R.
      • Vice President of Communications:  Abigail M.
      • Vice President of Program:  André F.
      • Vice President of Administration:  Allana K.
  • Training Chairman:  Steve Rechtien
    • Cub Scout Training Chairman:  Sue Polis
    • Boy Scout Training Chairman:  Steve Rechtien
    • Venturing Training Chairmen:  Fran Johnson
  • Members-at-Large (not listed above)
    • Tim Davidson, City of Hazelwood
    • Capt. Troy Doyle, St. Louis County Police Department
    • Robert Gentry, First Christian Church of Florissant
    • Jerry Hart, Valley Industries
    • Don Holt, Computer Village
    • Debbie Huber
    • Ray Huber
    • Walt Kaiser
    • Dave Kedge
    • Jennifer Kedge
    • Kenneith Kleinberg
    • Mike Kost
    • Deborah Kroupa
    • Paul Kroupa
    • Jim Larko, Katsam Enterprises
    • Jane Lindstrom, Greater St. Louis Area Council Boy Scouts of America
    • Sue Lindstrom, Greater St. Louis Area Council Boy Scouts of America (Retired)
    • Jim May​, Murphy
    • Carolyn Marty, North County Chamber of Commerce
    • Dr. Kevin McClain, McClain Chiropractic Health & Injury
    • Nona Melvin
    • Rev. Tommie Pierson, Jr., inStep Church
    • Donald Reeves II, Regions 
    • Kent Richter
    • Ron Rossen
    • James Sanderson
    • Fred Schaljo
    • Georgia Schaljo
    • Jim Sholtis
    • Jana Short, Ferguson-Florissant Schol District
    • Carolyn Simshauser
    • Bill Steiner
    • Rance Thomas, North County Churches Uniting for Racial Harmony and Justice
    • Barbara Thompson, Hazelwood School District (Retired)
    • Roxanne Tiek
    • Rich Unger, St. Louis Community College
    • Dave Wahlbrink
    • Ben Wesley, Boeing (Retired)
    • Carl Wolf, City of Hazelwood (Retired)
    • Charles Woods Sr., Hazelwood School District (Retired)

DISTRICT COMMISSIONER STAFF -- A commissioner is a volunteer who works with packs, troops and/or crews to help the units succeed in putting on quality programs.  In addition to the council commissioner, there are district commissioners, assistant district commissioners and unit commissioners.  The commissioner assigned to a unit should be the unit's first contact for all things involving unit service.  For 2014, they are: