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Youth Recruitment

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Each year, we work with local school districts to provide young boys, men, and women the opportunity to get involved in the Scouting program.  It is an opportunity to grow character, practice leadership, and broaden their education.

The Greater St. Louis Area Council - Boy Scouts of America is committed to doing our part to make this program a thriving and successful part of each young person’s educational experience.  Our Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, and Venturing crews will be cooperating with each school in the area to make this possible. Below are just some of the ways that we will promote the program in 2013.

  • Schedule a School Night at area schools on or prior to district-wide School Nights.
  • Distribute flyers to all area schools at least 10 days prior to the scheduled School Night.
  • Send reminder flyers to all classrooms 3 days before the scheduled School Night.
  • Visit elementary and middle schools for 3- to 5-minute Boy Talks.
  • Display promotional yard signs on or near school grounds.
  • Have Cub Scout packs and Boy Scout troops attend school open houses.
  • Work with superintendent and/or principals to send a last-minute reminder about School Night on the school's district-wide telephone blast system.
  • Place School Night to Join Scouting on the school district website.


In 2012 we started opening the way for Tigers to be a part of our summer program. 

Starting June 1, each year kindergartners can be signed up as Tigers. This opens up a summer of excitement and advancement for these guys. They can earn the Summertime Pack Award pin and their den can earn the ribbon. By attending day camp, Dad & Lad, or Mom & Me, they can work on the Outdoor Activity Award. Imagine the glow in their faces at your first pack meeting in the fall when they are up there in front of everybody being presented with their achievements.

Many schools have a "buzz" book or you can get contact information from the main office. The request will come best from someone who has children there. Try to build and maintain a long-term friendly relationship.

Invite them to pack events where they can be involved without much pressure, then have a special event in May such as a hike or picnic and start them on the way.


Four things your unit can do to have a successful recruitment!
1.  Appoint a recruitment chairman for your unit.  Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, and Venturing Advisors are not always the best person to lead this campaign.  You need someone who can put their focus, attention, and heart to the task at hand.

2.  Place a recruitment night on your unit calendar.  Parents and youth are looking for a direct and simple entry method into your unit.  Give them a date to show up, sign up, and get start​ed.

3.  Promote.  Promote.  Promote.  You have to get the word out.  You have to be repetitive.  Use Facebook and Twitter to promote your recruitment.  Get full-page flyers to schools and local churches.  Place half-page flyers directly into youths' hands during school visits, rallies, or open houses.  Get yard signs out!  Wear your uniform and have lunch with your son at school.  Invite the people closest to you.  Leave no boy unasked or univited.

4.  Follow Through.

a.  Follow up - Families may come to your recruitment to learn more about Scouting and not sign up immediately.  Follow up with parents or youth to answer questions and concerns.

b.  Get new members through orientation.  Have a unit program calendar available.  New members should know their first meeting, their first event, and anything exciting that might be around the corner.