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Camping: FAQ Answer


How do I apply for a Campership?​


If you meet the eligibilty requirements for a Campership, you need to fill out the C​ampership Request Form.   Applications should only be submitted after all other means have been exhausted.
Camperships are awarded after Camper Savings Day on March 1st.  Youth's who are awarded Camperships do not qualify for Camper Savings.  Do not submit fees for youth members with Campership requests, as NO refunds will be given.
Camperships are awarded up to half of the camp fee.  They must be received at least two weeks prior to attending camp and, as such, will not be accepted upon arrival at camp.  Camperships are only valid for youth members attending a Greater St. Louis Area Council camp.
The Campership must be approved by the District Executive.  The Director of Field Services or his designated appointee will approve Camperships based on fund availability and verify that the youth member who is to receive the campership is registered.  Upon approval he will send verification to the unit leader.​

Campership Application

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