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Camping: Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What are the eligibility requirements for a Campership?
    Camperships are available to youth members needing financial assistance to attend camp.  You must demonstrate a financial need to be awarded a campership.  Please note that family vacations, private education, etc. are not considered valid reasons for assistance.  Applications should be made by the unit leader after all other means are exhausted
    Camperships are also only available to youth members who are registered members of the Greater St. Louis Area Council, Boy Scouts of America on or prior to June 1 of the current year in which the campership is issued. 
    Camperships are NOT available for Dad & Lad, Mom & Me.

    Campership Application
  2. How do I apply for a Campership?
    If you meet the eligibilty requirements for a Campership, you need to fill out the C​ampership Request Form.   Applications should only be submitted after all other means have been exhausted.
    Camperships are awarded after Camper Savings Day on March 1st.  Youth's who are awarded Camperships do not qualify for Camper Savings.  Do not submit fees for youth members with Campership requests, as NO refunds will be given.
    Camperships are awarded up to half of the camp fee.  They must be received at least two weeks prior to attending camp and, as such, will not be accepted upon arrival at camp.  Camperships are only valid for youth members attending a Greater St. Louis Area Council camp.
    The Campership must be approved by the District Executive.  The Director of Field Services or his designated appointee will approve Camperships based on fund availability and verify that the youth member who is to receive the campership is registered.  Upon approval he will send verification to the unit leader.​

    Campership Application
  3. When is a Tour and Activity Plan required for a Scouting activity or trip?

    Tour and Activity Plan FAQs from the National website

    Tour and Activity Plan Fillable Form

    Times when a Tour and Activity Plan must be submitted for council review include the following:

    • Trips of 500 miles or more; or
    • Trips outside of council borders (exception: not to your council-owned property); or
    • Trips to Florida Sea Base, Northern Tier, Philmont Scout Ranch, Summit Bechtel Reserve (you will be asked to present a copy of your tour and activity plan upon arrival), national Scout jamboree, National Order of the Arrow Conference, or a regionally sponsored event; or
    • When conducting any of the following activities outside of council or district events:
      • Aquatics activities (swimming, boating, floating, scuba, etc.)
      • Climbing and rappelling
      • Orientation flights (process flying plan)
      • Shooting sports
      • Any activities involving motorized vehicles as part of the program (snowmobiles, boating, etc.); or
      • At a council's request (Contact your local council for additional guidelines or regulations concerning tour and activity plans; many have set guidelines for events or activities within council boundaries such as for Cub Scout overnight camping.)


  4. Since the spring camporee is in April or May, isn't that close enough to the graduation of Bears to Webelos?
    No. The BSA classifies a Webelos Scout as a boy who completed the third grade but not completed the fifth grade, or be age 10 but not 11 1/2.
    Our policies provide for healthy and safe activities that are age appropriate for youth members. While this might eliminate a weekend camping experience, it can be replaced by another outdoor experience under BSA guidelines.
  5. Aren't camporees a council event?
    Here are some frequently asked questions about the policies:

    Answer: No, they are district events and not managed by the council.
  6. What is the lottery?
    The high demand for some facilities requires a lottery to ensure fairness and equitable use of facilities.  Some programs that are reserved through a lottery system are cabins, lodges, tree houses, and summer camp programs.
  7. How do I make a reservation to camp on council property?
    Everyone who wishes to use our camps must secure a permit two weeks in advance from the Greater St. Louis Area Council.  A copy of the reservation form will be mailed to you as your confirmation.
    Some of facilities and programs do not require a reservation fee.  However, facilities and programs that do require fees, must be paid for at the time of reservation.  A reservation can not be placed or held without the appropriate fee.
  8. Can Bear Cub Scouts attend district camporees and encampments?
    Under the National Council's "Guide to Safe Scouting" it states:
    • Overnight camping by Tiger, Wolf, and Bear Cub Scout dens as dens is not approved and certificates of liability insurance will not be provided by the Boy Scouts of America.
    • Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts may participate in a resident overnight camping program operating under BSA National Camping School-trained leadership and managed by the council.
    • A Webelos Scout may participate in overnight den camping when supervised by an adult. In most cases, the Webelos Scout will be under the supervision of his parent or guardian. It is essential that each Webelos Scout be under the supervision of a parent-approved adult. Joint Webelos den-troop campouts including the parents of the Webelos Scouts are encouraged to strengthen ties between the pack and troop. Den leaders, pack leaders, and parents are expected to accompany the boys on approved trips.