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School Night to Join Scouting: FAQ Answer


​Why Join Scouting?


Your son is at a critical time in his physical, mental, social, and spiritual development. We believe Scouting is the best program available that develops values in young people. An independent study by Louis Harris & Associates verified our beliefs.
Parents said that after one year in Cub Scouts:
--80 percent of their sons learned to stay away from drugs, and to help at home.
--90 percent said Scouting encouraged family togetherness through projects, going places, and talking with each other.
--95 percent said Scouting provides a safe and friendly environment and created a sense of belonging, and their sons learned to get along with others.
We invite you to accompany your son to School Night to Join Scouting. You will meet other parents whose sons are joining, and learn more about upcoming activities and programs.
Today's youth may have different needs than you had as a child, but one thing is true: They need time with you. Scouting provides a pre-packaged program that helps you maximize the time you will spend with your son.

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