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Training: Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Youth Protection:  How long is Youth Protection Training valid?
    2 years
  2. What training courses do I need to be considered trained?
  3. Youth Protection:  How long will it take to complete Youth Protection training online?
    Most people will complete the course in less than one hour.
  4. Youth Protection:  What is a passing grade on the test to be completed at the end of the training?
    Eighty Percent.  If the volunteer does not pass, the information related to the questions answered incorrectly will be reviewed.  The volunteer may retake the test as many times as needed.
  5. Youth Protection: If a person is not a volunteer for the Boy Scouts of America, can he or she still take the training online?
    Yes.  He or she will still be able to print a certificate after the training is complete.
  6. Youth Protection:  Is the online training different from the current video based training?
    No, the difference is in the delivery.  The basic content is the same.  The online training is simply an additional way to provide the BSA's most important training.
  7. Youth Protection:  I took Youth Protection online, but did not receive confirmation that I completed the training.  Should I get an email back with my completion certificate?​
    You will receive an electronic certificate back to your email address, if you correctly entered your name, member number, and email address.
    When taking youth protection online, you must enter your name exactly as you did when you registered, otherwise our computer records will not recognize you. 
    A monthly report is submitted to the Training department of everyone who has taken online training.  A Youth Protection card will be issued at the beginning of the following month to everyone who was not correctly matched in our computer records. 
    If you took online training and have not received your card, contact and provide your name, member number and date you took the training.​
  8. Youth Protection: Will the online training replace the existing training conducted by our volunteers?
    No.  the online training is being provided as a service to our volunteers.  Youth Protection training will still be conducted within the districts.
  9. Why am I not showing as trained on my unit roster even though I completed training?
    ​There are four possible reasons:

    1. If you are a committee member, a unit commissioner, or charter organization representative, training may not be reflected due to a problem with the National BSA database.  The Council is working with the National office to resolve this issue and we hope to have a solution soon.
    2. You may have changed leader positions within the unit without first taking the corresponding training for that position.  Please contact your district executive or training committee chairman for additional information.
    3. The record of your training may to have been sent to the Council Training Services for data entry or you may not have been registered as a member of the Boy Scouts at the time of training.  Please contact your district executive or training committee chairman for assistance with this matter.
    4. You may not have taken all the required training for your leadership position.
  10. Does the council provide Red Card training?
    No.  Red Card training is arranged by the troop through the American Red Cross, fire station, or emergency medical service.
  11. Where do I locate information about the Challenge Course, Rock Climbing, Tipi, Pioneer Kit, and Pressurized Fuel training?
    These are all Outdoor Skill Programs offered through the Camping Department.
  12. Is there a pre-requisite for taking Boy Scout Introduction to Outdoor Skills?
    Yes, you must have completed the New Leader Essentials portion of training prior to taking Introduction to Outdoor Skills.  Completion of leader specific training isn't required to participate in Introduction to Outdoor Skills, but is recommended.
  13. Does Adult Leader Training ever expire?
    No, but is a good idea to occasionally renew your training to keep abreast of new methods and ideas.
  14. Do I have to pre-register for adult leader training?
    No, but it is highly recommended that you do so for pre-planning purposes.  Please consult with the point of contact listed for the specific date of training you have selected, to obtain more information.
  15. Where can I find information on Safe Swim Defense or Safety Afloat training?
    Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat training are offered online through the online learning center.

    The programs are also offered through the Camping Department as part of the Summer Camp Program. For other opportunities, contact your District Executive.