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Give to Scouting

​Make a recurring or one-time online contri-bution to the Greater St. Louis Area Council.  Your unrestricted gift will support our camps and the staff and volunteers who deliver our mission of character development, physical fitness, and participating citizenship.
​Make a one-time gift to the Greater St. Louis Boy Scout Trust Fund.  Memorials can be a gratifying way for individuals, businesses, or groups to remember special friends. Tributes are suitable for memorials or special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays.

Heroes In Training 

The Greater St. Louis Area Council depends on several funding sources. Our annual fundraising campaign, Friends of Scouting, provides for 23 percent of the Council's operating income. Program fees provide 30 percent of operating income. Program fees are the charges for using facilities or attending various programs.  The Council's trust fund provides 15 percent of its operating income.  Endowments, such as memorials and tributes, become a permanent part of the Council's trust fund.  The Greater St. Louis Boy Scout Trust Fund is professionally managed with its earnings designated to fund Council operations.  Only the earnings, not the principal, are designated for use. The annual popcorn sale provides nearly 9 percent of income.
The Council receives allocations from 7 United Way agencies throughout our geographic boundaries. The largest is the United Way of Greater St. Louis.  Approximately 18 percent of the Council's operating income is from United Ways.