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Council Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Committee


The council's Integrated Marketing Communications Committee is tasked with maintaining or enhancing all relationships. Our efforts will focus on relationships identified by the Boy Scouts of America and council leadership.

The council's marketing, communications and public relations functions will work to create, maintain or enhance excellent relationships with all groups we serve. We will maintain or enhance the council's public image. This will be accomplished through the highest quality website, social media, media relations, publications and other communications.

IMC Committee Structure

Council staff will collaborate with the IMC Committee to implement a coordinated marketing and communications plan. The committee consists of District Communications Chairmen and IMC Committee members who are professionals in marketing, advertising, research and other related fields.
Marketing & Public Relations Annual Operating Plan-2011-12
September IMC Meeting Slides

District Communications Chairmen

Each district will recruit a Communications Chairman, who will be part of the IMC Committee. The District Communications Chairman will assist the communications and marketing efforts for their district and receive guidance, support and encouragement from the IMC Committee.
District Communications Chairman Position Description

The primary source for communications and information is the district's site on this council website. Communications Chairmen should be able to create and edit content on the site. They collaborate with staff and volunteers so information is timely, accurate and thorough.
Website Authoring Manual