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​Scouting Anniversary Month

​Each year, the Boy Scouts of America celebrates the anniversary of the founding of the Scouting movement.  The official birthday in February 8, and the entire month of February is designated as Anniversary Month.

This is a time for each Cub pack, Scout troop, Varsity team, Explorer post, and Venturing crew to encourage its youth members and adults to celebrate what it means to be in Scouting and to show the public that Scouting is alive and well.

November:  Assign someone in your unit to be Anniversary Month chairman.  Plan unit-level activities; review the council support package for ideas.

December/ January:  Continue planning activities; start promoting to members and parents.

February:  Anniversary Month - Final checks for activities.

The opportunity for a youth member to display skills stimulates his pride in Scouting and encourages him to advance.  Every unit is encouraged to participate in Anniversary Month activities, which can include unit-level activities;  district-wide demonstrations;  a religious service on either Scout Sunday, or Scout Sabbath, which begins on Friday at sundown and ends at sundown on Saturday, or some other activity.

The Council Activities Committee is planning several council-wide events for Anniversary Month.  These events will be designed to help our Scouting membership celebrate Scouting's Anniversary and to let the general public know about the Scouting program in our community.  These events will include:

  • Religious Observances:  Scout Sunday and Scout Sabbath Service held on Friday. (These will be coordinated by the Religious Relationships Committee.)
  • Religious Services:  Cub packs, Scout troops, Varsity teams, Explorer posts, and Venturing crews are encouraged to promote attendance of their members - in uniform - to participate in religious services on Scout Sunday and on Scout Sabbath. To add the Scout flavor to these services, discuss with your minister or rabbi the fact that your unit will be attending in a body; suggest the possibility that Scouts be used in the service and that the minister or rabbi emphasize the Scouts' "Duty To God" in the message.
  • Anniversary Day:  February 8
  • Uniform Day:   Hold in-school Scouting programs such as flag ceremonies, etc., on February 8.
  • Proclamations:  By mayors and other government officials.
  • An Annual Report to the Institution:  By each Cub pack, Scout troop, Varsity team, Explorer post, and Venturing crew in the council to foster healthy relations with sponsoring institutions.  Units are encouraged to give recognition to their Chartered Partners through a report of their activities - either written, oral, or with audio­visuals. These activities are best done by youth members, and it should be part of a regular meeting of the sponsoring institution.
  • Live Demonstrations or Window Displays:  Each unit is encouraged to participate in or set up a live demonstration or window display in a community shopping center, neighborhood business, or sponsoring institution.

In addition to these council-wide activities, many districts will be planning district-wide Anniversary Month activities, such as a Pinewood Derby or District Hike.  Visit your district's section of our website for specific information.

If your pack, troop, team, crew or post has an activity or a display, we would like to recognize you with a ribbon for your unit flag or a display certificate. Please fill out and submit the Anniversary Month Application (PDF) to the Council's Activities Department and your recognition will be presented at your district roundtables.  The Anniversary Month program offers a simple award for your unit to earn, but, more importantly, it is a chance to show off to our community all of the fun and good work we do as Scouts!