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Commission & Incentives

UNIT Commission Structures

All units receive a base commission of 32%. The Prize Option includes prizes for Scouts based on the dollar value of popcorn each Scout sells: the more popcorn sold, the higher the value of prize they can choose. Additional prizes and incentives are available to individual Scouts who reach certain sales goals. All prizes will delivered directly to Unit kernel's homes.

2013 Scout Reward Levels

Sell $1 Popcorn Sale Patch


Sell $600

Dart Blaster

Sell $1,500 $50 Wal-Mart Gift or Amazon Card

WalMart Gift Card
Sell $2,500 6% of your total sales each year is invested in your own scholarship account.

Your unit may select the Money Only Option, which returns a slightly higher commission of 35%. No Council prizes are available to units choosing this option. However, Scouts in units choosing this option are still eligible for the Trail’s End Scholarship program, $1,500 bonus prize, $400 Disc Shooter, and the “$600 Club” Stomp Rocket incentive.

Scout Prizes and incentives

Scouts who are part of a unit participating in the Prize Option program, are eligible to receive rewards based on their sales. Submit your prize order online after you submit  your popcorn order at High Adventure Gear's Website

All Scouts, regardless of their unit's commission plan are eligible for
the incentives below:
Sell one item and receive a patch.

Each Scout that sells a minimum of $600 will receive a free Dart Blaster! (above).


In addition all Scouts who sell $1,500 or more will qualify for an additional $50 gift card, outside of the gift cards available for units choosing the prize commission.


Each Scout who sells $2,500 in one sale period qualifies to receive six percent of their sales in a scholarship account created in their name. Scouts can add to their scholarship fund each year they sell Trail’s End popcorn; they need only meet the $2,500 minimum once.