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Popcorn Sale

Popcorn Commission and Incentives

Units receive a base commission of 32% on all popcorn sold, plus the opportunity to earn a bonus commission, and earn a free camp voucher.
Sell $600 to and earn a dart blaster!

To order your unit's patches and/or prizes click the image below.

Building a strong annual program is a great way to keep your Scouts active and interested in the Scouting program. Funding your program is equally important, as Scouts benefit from paying their own way.
The council's suggested money-earning project is the annual popcorn sale. With a little imagination, many units have raised sizable amounts of money for unit accounts. Units need a secure and stable source of income that a strong popcorn sale can provide. Monies raised by units have been used to cover the cost of badges and advancement, special events, and camp fees.
The popcorn sale also benefits the council as a whole by helping us serve volunteer leaders and members by providing better programs and camping facilities.

Due to a high level of interest, we have decided to allow Scouts to continue Take Order sales until December 12! Online sales continue year-round.

How it will work:
-Units wishing to continue selling should tell their District Executive by Friday, November 15.
-All units will receive a 35% commission. No individual prizes, except for Bonus prizes, will be awarded.
-All extended sale orders will be due on Thursday, December 12.
-All extended sale money will be due on December 31.

Additional Incentives:
-All Scouts that participate in the Extended Sale and sell at least $250 will earn a remote control car
-Scouts can use the extended sale as an opportunity to earn more Bonus Prizes (i.e. if a Scout sold $800 earlier this fall, they can now sell an additional $300 and earn the Free Camp incentive!)
-The top seller for the week in each district will receive a $20 Scout Shop gift card. Entries via an online form (coming soon) will be due every Friday during the extended sale, and winners will be drawn each Monday.

November 22-24 & December 6-8

All Scouts who sell popcorn on these weekends will earn a 2013 Blitz weekend patch. Each weekend has a different patch, and the two fit together as show above. The average sales for units that participated in the previous Blitz Weekends was $867 in just one weekend!


2013 Popcorn Sale Timeline

August District Roundtables ​Popcorn Sale Orientation & Trainings.
​August 1
Online Sales Begin
​September 1 Popcorn Sale Begins
​September 9 Show N Sell Orders Due  - Chocolate items not available for Show N Sell
September 20 Show N Sell Popcorn Distribution
​September 27-29
​Blitz Weekend #1
October 18-20
​Blitz Weekend #2
​September 20, 27
October 4, 11, 18
​Fill-It Up Drawings - Unit must turn in a copy of Scout's completed sales form by Monday, Noon.
​October 25
​Popcorn and Prize Orders due online. Show N Sell payments and unopened cases due to West Pine, Cape or Herrin Scout Office locations.
​November 7
​Popcorn delivery to warehouse sites
​November 8
​Popcorn distribution to units
​Nov 8 - Dec 5 ​Popcorn delivery by Scouts to customers
​Late November ​Final invoices mailed to Unit Popcorn Kernels
​December 6
​Money due to council as one check made payable to GSLAC
Would your unit like to participate in this Council-sponsored fundraiser? Sign up HERE
  • Scout's can earn their way to camp for free.
  • No up-front cost to the unit
  • Choose the prize program or cash bonus commission
Selling Popcorn can provide the Ideal Year of Scouting
When your pack, troop, or crew is establishing its budget, make popcorn a part of that plan. Try establishing a unit and Scout goal to meet the budgeted needs for the entire year of Scouting for each youth member.  Units that establish a goal raise twice as much as those who don't. Remember - units that are financially sound can spend more time and resources providing a fun, challenging, and affordable year-round program!

In 2012 we introduced Show N Sell. Units that participated in Show N Sell sold 22% more popcorn than those units who only chose the take order method. There are several advantages to adding the Show N Sell as part of your popcorn plan.
1. Units can use leftover inventory from Show N Sell for their take order.  Less product to pickup in November,

Now is the time to start planning your unit program calendar and budget for 2013 - 2014.  Trail's End designed an Excel spreadsheet that will help your unit plan and budget for the Ideal Year of Scouting.

  Download the 2013-2014 Program Planner.


Popcorn & Prize Ordering Information



How to Order

Need Help


​1. ​Show N Sell Popcorn Ordering Enter all of your Orders for Take Order Popcorn through the Trail's End Popcorn System. Select Show N Sell. For help submitting your Show N Sell order through the Trail's End Popcorn System click Trail's End Help or call the Council Service Center at 314-256-3014. Monday, September 9


Take Order Popcorn ordering

Enter all of your Orders for Take Order Popcorn through the Trail's End popcorn System. Select Take Order.

For help submitting your popcorn order through the Trail's End Popcorn System click Trail's End Help or call the Council Service Center at 314-256-3014.

Friday, October 25


Prize Order

Enter all prizes through High Adventure Gear's website .

For help entering prize orders please contact the Council Service Center at 314-256.3014 or Christine Taylor.

Friday, October 25


Free Summer Camp

Register Cub Scouts who sold over $1,100 for Free Cub Adventure Camp .

Webelos 2 and Boy Scouts who sold over $2,000 for Free Boy Scout Summer Camp .

Register all Scouts who qualify regardless of whether they are planning to attend Summer Camp. If you have difficulty uploading a copy of the order form, please contact Christine Taylor.

December 31


Trail's End Scholarship

Scouts who sell $2,500 or more in a calendar year must submit a completed Scholarship Enrollment Form and proof of sales to the Council Service Center.

Once enrolled, Scouts must report their total sales each year by submitting the enrollment form.

For more information about the Trail's End College Scholarship Program, please visit Trail's End's Scholarship Page.

December 31

Back again this year! Scouts who sell $1,100 or $2,000 of Trail’s End popcorn can earn free camp in 2014 — Boy Scout Summer Camp, Cub Adventure Camp, Dad & Lad/Mom & Me, Horse Camp, NYLT, Ranger Program, Venturing Summer Camp, Webelos Camp, and Webelos Mini-Camp.
Cub Scouts who sell $1,100 in popcorn can earn: Free Webelos mini-camp or Adventure camp and Dad & Lad/Mom & Me weekends (parent included). Visit to register for your voucher.
Scouts who sell $2,000 in popcorn can earn: Free week at NYLT, Scout Camp, Venturing Camp, Ranger Program, Webelos Camp, or Horse Camp.  Visit to register for your voucher.
Did you know…Popcorn sales in 2012 sent over 175 Scouts to camp in the summer of 2013.