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Unit Kernel Resources

When Scouts are selling door-to-door, they may get questions about donating to the Scouts instead of buying popcorn. Scouts should be prepared to explain that they cannot accept donations for two reasons:

1. The Popcorn Sale occurs during the United Way campaign period, which begins the day after Labor Day through the last day of October. The Greater Saint Louis Area Council is a member of seven United Ways and receives significant support from them. As a member agency, we support and promote, rather than compete with, the United Way's annual effort. Our Council has been granted permission to conduct our popcorn sale during this campaign period because it is a product sale. Soliciting money in lieu of purchasing a product is in direct violation of our agreement with the United Way.

2. According to the BSA Rules & Regulations set forth by the National Office, "Youth members shall not be permitted to serve as solicitors of money for their chartered organizations, for the local council, or in support of other organizations. Adult and youth members shall not be permitted to serve as solicitors of money in support of personal or unit participation in local, national, or international events." This is a non-negotiable rule that makes it clear that Scouts are not allowed to solicit money for any reason; this is why the Council provides the popcorn sale as a fundraiser to help Scouts fund their individual Scouting experience.

Youth members, however, are permitted to secure sponsors for council or district activities approved by the executive board. These approved activities may result in financial support for the local council in accordance with the Bylaws and the Rules and Regulations of the Corporation.

Please make sure your leaders, parents, and Scouts understand that they are not allowed to accept donations under any circumstances and why.