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​Boy Scout Ideas

This page focuses on program ideas suitable for a Boy Scout troop. Programs are submitted by local units and reviewed by a member of the council's professional staff.
4403 Meramec Bottom Rd., St. Louis MO 63129
314-845-PLAY (7529)
17365 Edison Ave., Chesterfield, MO 63005
636-532-JUMP (5867)
Wear your uniform for Family Bounce Night and receive $2 off your admission. Scouts representing the troop with the most bouncers will get a special prize. Reservations are Required! Call 314-845-7529 (South County) Call 636-532-5867 (Chesterfield). May not be combined with any other discount or promotion. Subject to availability.
Wheels for the World
Used wheelchairs are collected by local volunteers, refurbished at prisons, and distributed by teams of volunteers from the USA working with local churches overseas (25,000 wheelchairs in 10 years).  Walkers, crutches, and canes are also collected.  Suggestions for promoting a collection drive, tax receipts, and a marked trailer are provided.  Contact: Joni and Friends-Gateway at 314-727-6987, toll-free: 877-727-6987, or
Weldon Spring Site
The Weldon Spring Site seeks to educate the surrounding community about the historical and environmental legacy of this part of St. Charles County. From 1986 to the present, the U.S. Department of Energy funded a massive environmental clean up of the contaminated site that resulted in construction of a 45-acre disposal facility, 8-acre Missouri native plant garden, and the 150-acre Howell Prairie. A 9,000 square foot Interpretive Center has also been built here and contains a variety of educational exhibits. Our website,, has additional information about all of the work that has been done here over the years.
The Weldon Spring Site offers very unique hands-on educational opportunities not found anywhere else in the St. Louis area. Boy Scouts can participate in science lab activities; learn about the history of the former towns of Howell, Toonerville and Hamburg; perform native plant species identification; and hike down the historic Hamburg trail. For more information or to reserve a date for your troop, contact Brendan McGhee at 636-300-2600 or
Looking for a Service Project for your unit??
Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District would like the Boy Scouts of America to participate with the MSD in a community Storm Drain Marker Installation Project that will help educate the public concerning the dangers of throwing or allowing trash, yard waste, household hazardous waste, etc. into the sewer storm drains.  We supply each participating group with much of the needed supplies.  For more information, contact Kathleen A. Thornburgh, Division of Environmental Compliance, at 314-436-8712 or
The Battle of Shiloh - submitted by Troop & Crew 361, St. Mary Magdalen Parish, Brentwood
Interested in taking your troop or Venturing crew on a weekend where they'll have a great time, learn a great deal, and never forget? Plan a trip to the Shiloh National Battlefield in southwestern Tennessee.
Travel time is approximately six hours from the Gateway Arch.  We recommend that you make the trip a three-day weekend.  In our experience, schools are more than willing to excuse an absence for this caliber of learning experience if consulted in advance.
A number of Scout trails are available through Shiloh Military Trails Inc., P.O. Box 17507, Memphis, TN  38187-0507.  You can order materials through their website,
Click here, A Trip to Shiloh, for our troop's plan for making it an even more personal experience.  The plan is simple, each Scout, Venturer, and leader become one of the major combatants of the battle.  You ask them to look through the eyes of a soldier.  It encourages them to do a little background research in advance. It helps them feel the fear, the horror, and the bravery of the men on both sides.  Six years after our first try at this, some of our graduated Scouts can still tell you who they were at the battle.  We have used this format twice.
An excited and knowledgeable leader is a prerequisite to making this plan work. 
Relief of Mafeking Campout - submitted  by Troop 787
Inspired by the true exploits of then Col. Robert Baden-Powell during the Boar War in South Africa in breaking the siege of the village of Mafeking. The camp event was modified from an Internet article found at The event included the use of basic Scout skills such as first aid, lashings, map and compass along with teamwork. The entire event was conducted at night. We used Camp Sunnen near Potosi for this event. It was organized and run by our older Scout patrol with the help of a large group of adults. Complete program and layout available from Troop 787. Contact Scoutmaster Jim Williams at 636 256-7269 or for details.

Troop Feast - submitted  by Troop 787
A combination of older Scouts showing off their cooking skills in spirited competition in concert with the very first campout of new Scouts following their Webelos Crossover Ceremony. Coordinated planning between the troop and pack is essential. The pack should try to schedule the Crossover Ceremony for a Friday evening so that once the Webelos have crossed, they can then immediately leave with members of the troop for the Feast Campout location. We have found that Beaumont works best for this due to its proximity. The new Scouts then spend Saturday learning the basics of fire building, knife and axe safety, and knots along with the formation of their new patrols, meeting their troop guides, and electing their first patrol leader and assistant. The evening meal is prepared by the other Scouts in the troop and judged by the adult leaders who must sample and grade all items according to a prepared guideline. Contact Scoutmaster Jim Williams at 636 256-7269 or for details.