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Venturing Ideas

This page will focus on program ideas suitable for a Venture Crew or an Explorer Post. Programs are submitted by local units and reviewed by a member of the council's professional staff.

Looking for a Service Project for your unit??
Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District would like the Boy Scouts of America to participate with the MSD in a community Storm Drain Marker Installation Project that will help educate the public concerning the dangers of throwing or allowing trash, yard waste, household hazardous waste, etc. into the sewer storm drains.  We supply each participating group with much of the needed supplies.  For more information contact Kathleen A. Thornburgh, Division of Environmental Compliance, 314-436-8712, email:

The Battle of Shiloh
Interested in taking your Troop or Venture Crew on a weekend that they'll have a great time, learn a great deal, and will never forget? Plan a trip to the Shiloh National Battlefield in southwestern Tennessee.

Travel time is approximately six hours from the Arch.  And we recommend that you make the trip a three-day weekend.  In our experience, schools are more than willing to excuse an absence for this caliber of learning experience if consulted in advance.

A number of Scout trails are available through Shiloh Military Trails, Inc. P.O. Box 17507, Memphis, TN  38187-0507.  You can order any materials through their website:

Click the attachment below for our Troops plan for making it an even more personal experience.  The plan is simple, each Scout, Venturer, and leader become one of the major combatants of the battle.  You ask them to look through the eyes of a soldier.  It encourages them to do a little background research prior to. It helps them feel the fear, the horror and the bravery of the men on both sides.  Six years after our first try at this some of our graduated Scouts can still tell you who they were at the battle.  We have used this format twice. A Trip to Shiloh

An excited and knowledgeable leader is a prerequisite to making this plan work.

Troop and Crew 361, St. Mary Magdalen Parish, Brentwood