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Venturing Officers Association Advisor:
Joshua Bollam


Venturing is the co-ed high school and college aged program of the Boy Scouts of America, for youth aged 13 and completed the eighth grade, or 14 through 21. Every Venturing Crew or Sea Scout Ship is different, with different activities and program.

Council Wide Programs for 2014-2015

Details for these activities will be mailed out to all unit leaders at least 6 weeks before the activities.

 *Planning for these programs underway by the youth officers of the Venturing Officer Association.

 Venturing Website

For expanded information on Venturing and Venturing in the Greater Saint Louis Area Council, check out:

Venturing Summer Camp Dates Announced 

Every week of  Swift 2014 is a new adventure! In addition to our standard Swift program of climbing, rappelling, horses, skiing, tubing, and challenge course, each week holds a different adventure:

June 15-21 -​ Past, Present, Future 
June 22-28​ -
Sea Scouts vs. Pirates
July 6-12 -​ Are You Tough Enough? 
For more information, go to the following links



Introduction to LEADERSHIP SKILLS --- Crews

Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews is organized into three modules, each of which should take 60 to 90 minutes to complete, with additional optional games and challenges to enhance the leadership lessons (and fun) of the course.  Over the course of conducting the training through fun activities and interactive discussions the Crew will talk about Unit Organization, Tools of Being a Great Leader, as well as Leadership and Teamwork.

Here's the syllabus if you are interested:

POWDER HORN (High Adventure!):
Training information for Venturing leaders:
Greater St. Louis Area Council Powder Horn:
CENTRAL REGION VENTURING NEWS will provide news on Venturing around the 13-state area. 
Please go to your district's web page to find out when the next Venturing Basic Training is available.  You can also check the neighboring district's schedule if your district's dates are inconvenient.
President Dustin Readenour
VP of Administration Afton Hervey
VP of Program​ Christa Waterwiese
VP of Communication Joe Shaver
Advisor Jeff Abernathy
Associate Advisor
  Training and Recognition
Michael Kost
Associate Advisor​
Chris Ford
Assistant Advisor
Lisa Abernathy
Associate Advisor
Eric Mircsov

Need Venturing Resources?  Click here: Venturing Fast Start