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Video Resources

Training Videos on CD or DVD

Enhance your unit’s program and leadership with videos that are available at your nearest Scout Office.  Some instructional videos are for sale in the Scout Shops while others are available through the Council’s training service.  The Council is converting a number of VHS tapes to DVD and making them available for a nominal fee.
These DVD/CD videos include inspirational openings and closings as well as instructional topics. 
Available in the Scout Shop
Ø     Meeting and Events Openers and Closers- ($19.99) This DVD brings together a collection of popular videos openings and closers for meetings, presentations, training, ceremonies, and banquets.  It includes:
Ø     Scouting USA
Ø     Salute to Leaders
Ø     American Scout
Ø     God Bless the USA
Ø     The Star-Spangled Banner
Ø     America the Beautiful
Ø     Eagle Scout Challenge
Ø     It Happened to Me- ($6.35) Youth Protection Video in a DVD format for boys 6 to 9 years old.  Includes the four rules of personal safety.
Ø     A Time to Tell- ($14.99) Youth Protection in a DVD format for boys 11 to 14 years old.  Includes the 3 R’s of Recognize, Resist, and Report.
Ø     Youth Protection and Personal Safety Awareness- ($14.99) Youth Protection in a DVD format for boys and girls ages 14 through 20 years.  Issues discussed include acquaintance rape, internet safety and stalking, and peer sexual harassment.
Ø     Youth Protection Guidelines- ($14.99) Youth protection guidelines for adults in a DVD format.  Listen to several prominent experts from all walks of life talk about how to protect Scouts in your unit.
Ø     Youth Protection Guidelines: Training for Adult Venturing Leaders- ($14.99) Youth protection guidelines for adults in a Venturing unit.  It is in a DVD format.
Ø     Cub Scout Songbook- ($9.99) Cub Scout songs in a CD format.  Includes 10 songs that are popular in Cub Scouting.
Ø     Boy Scout Songbook- ($9.99) Boy Scout songs in a CD format.  Includes 11 songs that are popular in Boy Scout troops.

 Keep watching this page for more video offerings.