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Classes offered at Pow Wow.
​Class # ​Class Name ​Description
​H01 Gathering Time Activities​
​This session will help Den Leaders develop activities to keep the boys active before the meeting begins. You will learn quite and active age appropriate activities
​H02 ​Knots and Ropes
​During this session, Leaders will learn how to teach youth how to tie basic knots. Learn what to and not to do when tying knots.
​H03 Knife Safety​ ​This session will show you how to handle a knife safely, Whittlin' Chip requirements and basic skills. Please bring a knife.
​Mad Scientist
​A must take session for all leaders concerned that science is too difficult to teach. Leaders will learn how to make science fun and learn some simple experiments
​Walking Sticks
​Leaders learn how to make hiking a little more fun for the boys. Whether it is from a broomstick to a tree branch, learn how to turn these objects into beautiful and useful walking sticks. Each leader will take home a walking stick.
​Neckerchief Slides
​Every pack and den wear neckerchiefs with their uniforms. Leaders will learn how to make fun and easy neckerchief slides. Each leader will make at least three slides to take home.
​Chest of Games
​Leaders will learn some simple games, how to build a chest of games and what should be in your game chest. Great to use with Gathering Time activities
​H09 ​Working with Tools ​Leaders learn fun ways to work with tools and boys. Leaders will be introduced to basic tools and projects to make with the boys. Each participant will leave with a project they made.
​H10 ​Indian Crafts and Fun ​Boys love Indians. Leaders learn about their customs, costumes, skits, crafts to use with your boys. Leaders will share in Indian activities to take home.
​Engineering Fun
​Leaders from all age groups learn about engineering. How does a catapult work? What is a block and tackle? How do levers work? Come and find out how this will be fun for the boys.
​P01 Journey To Excellence by On-Line Rechartering Learn about the On-Line Rechartering process and how  the Journey to Excellence program works.
​P02 ​Award Programs ​Leaders will learn about Sports and Academics, BSA Family, National Den Award and the World Conservation Award. How do they work, where do you get guidelines and rules. Examples of brag vests and brag blankets
​P03 Managing the Pack​ ​Leaders need to know how to run their pack, what are their responsibilities and how to develop a plan. Each will leave with a sample manual to use in their units.
​P04 ​Managing the Pack Budget
​Leaders will learn how to develop a working budget, why do units need one and what can and can not be done. Sample budgets will be provided to all participants
​P05 ​Retaining and Recognizing Adults ​Retaining and recognizing leaders are an important part of the Scouting program. Learn how to retain leaders once they are recruited and how to recognize these individuals.
​P06 ​Ceremonies ​Learn the Who, What, Where, When, and How of ceremonies. Leaders will have the opportunity to learn the basics, how to make simple props and how to make them fun and educational


​R01 ​Tiger Fun Tigers are the first step in scouting. Learn how to make your meetings fun, what to do with Go and See Its and many other ideas to keep the boys interested in the scouting program.​
​R02 Advancement​ ​Leaders will learn how the advancement program works, the progression through ranks, how to achieve arrow points and who is responsible for signing off on the requirements. This session will help new leaders develop a working program.
​R03 ​Bear Hands On ​Bear leaders will learn how to make the den meeting fun with hands on activities: crafts, games, field trips or opening and closings. Leaders will have hands on experience.
​Wolf Hands On
​Wolf leaders will learn how to make den meetings fun with hands on activities: crafts, games, field trips or opening and closings. Leaders will have a hands on experience.
​R05 Webelos Cooking​ ​A must for NEW & OLD Webelos Leaders. Scouts will demonstrate how to cook with Webelos in the outdoors. Leaders will have the opportunity to learn about meal planning, duty rosters, simple open fire cooking ideas and samples. Leaders will be outdoors for this session
​R06 ​Utilizing your Den Chief What is a Den Chief? Where do you find them? Learn about how these junior leaders can help your den run better.​
​Webelos to Scout Transition
​How do we get our Webelos into the Scouting program with ease? Leaders will learn about the disappearing pack, how to help Webelos decide on a troop, and other ideas on retaining and moving Webelos into the troop
​R08 ​Thingamajig - Whatchamacallit ​New this year! This session will cover a variety of gadgets, doodles and other fun items to make outdoors and indoors fun. Leaders will be able to make and take a thingamajig or a whatchamacallit.
​R09 ​Arrow of Light Ceremonies ​Your boys have now completed the Webelos program. They have earned the highest Cub Scouting award; how should we celebrate their achievement? This session will discuss ceremonies, how to use them to make the occasion more memorable.
​C01 ​Trails and Hikes
​Scouts love to hike and be outdoors. This session will direct you to age appropriate hiking trails in the area.
​C02 ​Cubs in the Kitchen
​Learn easy cooking and non cooking ideas to help your youth in the kitchen. Find out what achievements can be accomplished with simple recipes.
​C03 ​Skits and Run ons
​Leaders make your den the center of attention through simple easy to make costumes and props to go along with those fun skits and run-ons the boys will do at pack meetings, campfires, and den meetings.
​C04 ​Managing Boy Behavior
​Leaders will learn ways to handle behavior problems in the den, learn how to use the conduct candle, and other ways to control behavior.
​C05 ​Camping for all Ages
​Leaders from Tigers to Webelos will learn age appropriate camping ideas, where to go, types of camping available, and what to take along with you to make it fun.
​C06 ​Discovering the Outdoors ​Learn about the outdoors and what to expect when you are there. Leaders will learn how to protect and enjoy nature's gifts and resources within the community.
​C07 ​Pinewood Derby and other Races
​Pinewood Derby is the ultimate experience for Cub Scouts but only one of many different types of derbies, such as Space Derby, Rain Gutter Regatta and Bike Derby. Learn the rules and equipment needed to run successful derbies.
​C08 ​Blue and Gold Banquet ​Leaders will learn how to organize, hold and make simple decorations to make this event come off without a hitch and to have fun.
​C09 ​Pack Meeting Pizzazz
​Monthly Pack meetings bring the pack together as one. This session will teach you how to have fun and show off the boys skills. How to incorporate skits, songs and ceremonies into one meeting.
​C10 ​Scrounging ​Leaders can be overwhelmed by the cost of materials to put on a good program. This session will help you locate many items at minimal or no cost to you. Great ideas and resources to share.